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To boycott or not to boycott Israeli products and services

Posted by fracardi on January 11, 2009

During these weeks of horrible events in Gaza, many voices raised to boycott Israeli products and services. As much as I’m shocked by the atrocities of this attack, I don’t think that to boycott product and services from Israel is a good idea.

Doing this, we would damage only specific companies and specific persons of that nation, probably many of them already not agreeing on how things are managed by their government. Boycotts and embargos are very unfocused weapons, rarely work. This case wouldn’t be an exception.

As often, instead of being against someone, it’s much more effective to support the ones who are doing something to make things better. In the case of Gaza war, we may for example donate money to ONGs helping the civilian population in Gaza, as the Red Cross, or to organizations asking for an immediate halt to this war, as Amnesty International.


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