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Crisis, growth and a decent future

Posted by fracardi on November 10, 2008

As almost everyone during these months of economical crisis, I’m being brain-washed by some common-thinking statements as: a stagnating GDP is bad, a strong program to stimulate consumption is needed, economy is more important than environment and so on.

But at the end, why should I be worried if during the next years less cars are sold, less cigarettes are smoked, less money is spent in unnecessary goods? Why should I be worried if the humanity starts using energy, food, resources more efficiently?

I believe that the 50K-US$-per-head-GDP that most of the developed countries show hides a big bubble of unnecessary consumption, stupid inefficiencies and dumb destruction of our environment. It would be nice to start converting this GDP in something more intelligent, more decent, more human. How? Promoting knowledge & learning instead of consumption of frivolous goods, subsidizing green energy and green technologies, charging with even more taxes unhealthy businesses as weapons production, tobacco, alcohol, luxury goods / services, polluting technologies (including inefficient cars) etc.

Is this so visionary? I hope not.


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