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Dave Pollard’s key actions for a happy life

Posted by fracardi on October 25, 2008

Dave Pollard is really an original writer. I don’t like his catastrophic views, but i do like many things he writes, particularly re: himself and his inner life. Dave builds up structures, and exactly this makes his posts so interesting. For instance, he has developed a list of actions he considers key for a balanced and happy life:

Sense: Observe, listen, pay attention, focus, open up your senses, perceive everything that has a bearing on the issue at hand. Connect.
Self-control: Don’t prejudge or jump to conclusions. Don’t lose your cool. Focus.
Understand: Make sure you have the facts and appreciate the context. Things are the way they are for a reason. Know what that reason is. Sympathize.
Question: Ask, don’t tell. Challenge. Think critically.
Imagine: Picture, hear, feel what could be. Be visionary. Every problem is an opportunity. Anything is possible.
Offer: Consider. Give something away. Create options, new avenues to explore. Suggest possibilities. Lend a hand. Help.
Collaborate: Create something together. Solve a problem with a collective answer better than any set of individual answers. Learn to yield, to build on, to bridge, to adapt your thinking.

It’s difficult to do all these things well and continuously, isn’t it?

To me it’s natural to question, understand, offer, collaborate, but it’s more difficult to imagine and to self-control, and completely unnatural to sense. It’s something is costs me a lot. I will try harder!


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